Mo Khan  |  Director & Deputy Chief of Audiology

About Mo

Mo completed his Audiology education at the University of Southampton, graduating with a First-Class Honours. He began his career in the NHS, where he worked in clinics across the country including Dorset, Chelsea & Westminster and Northern Ireland. He then started as an Audiologist at London Hearing, shortly followed by being appointed as a Director & Deputy Chief of Audiology.

Mo also graduated at the top of his class at Southampton University Business School with a Distinction in MSc Risk Management. He is a contributor to the development of the practice in all aspects and seeks new ways to enhance the quality of care provided.

Areas of interest

–  Management of complex hearing problems
–  Tinnitus therapy
–  Hearing aid technology

Personal interests

He is a Manchester United football club supporter

Affiliations / memberships

–  British society of hearing aid audiologists (BSHAA)
–  The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)
–  Registered on the council of clinical physiologists (RCCP)