Gisele Flower audiologist

Gisele Flower – Music Audiologist

About Gisele

Gisele Flower qualified as an audiologist in 1997. After completing a law degree, she was tempted into the field of audiology while working at PC Werth. She started her own business in 2001 and built up a client base in and around her home of North London, providing domiciliary visits. At the same time she was growing her family of three children who, as young children and babes in arms, were often regular visitors to her clients too! With over 15 years experience working with musicians Gisele now concentrates the majority of her time in the field of musicians’ audiology.

Personal Interests

She is passionate about music herself and has built a reputation in the music industry as the ‘go to’ person for musicians and their hearing health care. When not taxiing around her three children she is a lover of yoga and gin, in any order…