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Our First Meeting

On arrival at 150 Harley Street you will be greeted by the welcoming reception team, we will call you through and discuss your problems, we will examine the ears “otoscopy” and then if all is well test your hearing in our soundproof booth, our testing protocol is clinical and adheres to the British society of audiology standards, we will explain the results with you carefully so you understand them and offer you a copy if you wish.

Our Promise

Our promise at all times is to advise ethically in the field of audiology, we want to empower our patients to hear better based on our expertise and knowledge in our field and additionally offer the same level of care and advice in the subject of hearing conservation.

You will probably find that you have choices, a selection of styles that are available, some people will like at this stage the smaller more cosmetic solutions whilst others may not, everyone is different.

You will also be offered a choice in performance level, a premium device will always be recommended first but for budget purposes all manufacturers have a range of choice like a mid-range performance device or even an entry level product, we can guide you into making the right choice based on your lifestyle and requirements.

If we feel that you need to seek more medical advice then we will create a report for you to pass onto your GP or ENT specialist explaining carefully the reason for referral, we are professionally obligated to do so.

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When you have decided that you want to try a hearing aid with us we welcome you back

We will firstly ensure the product fits well and meets your expectations; we will then programme the device based on your hearing test and further in-situ measures to make sure we fit as close to target as possible, we often under prescribe a hearing system if this is the first time you have worn a device to create a higher level of comfort.

We will show you how to use the device and offer you the basics in maintenance so you know how to care for your new product.

We will offer some form of validation by way of a questionnaire so on review we can assess whether the device has improved your quality of life.

We won’t let you leave with the device if you are uncertain or unsure of anything; this session is about getting it right, first time.

We take a payment for the device at this stage but clearly pass to you a signed document explaining a full and guaranteed refund if you are not happy within 30 days.

You then have this golden period to acclimatize to the device and come back within these 30 days if you are uncertain about anything.

We book you an appointment for review within that time.uding versions.

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Nick the Audiologist was very reassuring and after a hearing test which seemed very comprehensive I was told my hearing was normal but in all likeliness the loud music I hear day in, day out was taking its toll on the precious and delicate structure of the inner ear.

It was suggested that a custom made plug was made for me which allows me to hear but through an attenuating filter to protect my ear from over exposure of loud noise.

So effective are these plugs that they allow me to do my job but in the security of knowing I’m safe!

But more than this the customer service experience as a whole with London Hearing was phenomenal, I was put at ease from the moment I entered the practice.


“I was born with a hearing loss and although most of the time I thought I coped pretty well I think it was always inevitable that at some point I would need the help of some kind of hearing device. I had never wanted hearing aids.
I was referred to Nick and he suggested the Unitron system. These devices hugely benefit me at work, and I am able to hear my colleagues, the Boss and (most importantly) my patients extremely clearly.

I certainly never felt pushed or pressured into trying these devices out. I can wear them as much or as little as I want depending on where I’m going or what I’m doing – a freedom I didn’t expect, or realize was possible! Now at the end of my trial I am very happy with my “new ears” and the whole experience has been an extremely positive one.