What is hearing loss?


Hearing loss is a very common problem that typically affects people as they grow older but, in younger people, can also be the result of exposure to loud noise over a period of time, such

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Why it is important to have hearing tests


If you’ve never had a hearing test, you really should consider having one sooner rather than later! Although you may think that your hearing is fine now, preventative healthcare can detect problems early, allowing a

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How do hearing aids work?


In today’s world, a hearing aid has become a lot more than just a sound amplifier. Hearing aids are sophisticated communication devices, helping you to hear the best you can and make life a lot

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What is ear wax microsuction?


Ear wax microsuction is a safe and quick way of removing wax and other debris from the inner ear. A suction device is used to remove hard or impacted wax while the medical practitioner uses

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What causes hearing loss?


The way we gather and process sound is often taken for granted. In fact, it’s a fascinating, intricate and finely balanced thing, involving a series of complex collectors, transporters and processors. Unfortunately, this means that there are multiple ways that your auditory system (hearing) can become ineffectual.

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Ear Wax: Build-Up and Removal


Cerumen – more commonly known as earwax – is the yellow/brownish substance that forms inside the ear canal and can collect on the outside of the ear. Did you know that your genetics largely determine whether your earwax is the wet type or the dry type?

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