What our patients say

A hearing aid testimonial – JT, Dental Nurse, March 2014

I was born with a hearing loss and although most of the time I thought I coped pretty well I think it was always inevitable that at some point I would need the help of some kind of hearing device. I had never wanted hearing aids (thanks to a great Aunt that that had a couple of massive ones that whistled constantly and she still couldn’t hear anything!) But thankfully technology has moved on.
I was referred to Nick and he suggested the Unitron system. I was definitely nervous about trying these out but Nick’s calm, informative and easy manner certainly encouraged me that it was worth doing a trial – even if at the end of it I decided that they weren’t for me.
When the devices are in position straight away everything is louder and clearer and I find I’m not straining to hear things – I can just “hear” them!! Being able to hear people talking behind you is although at first a little strange, is quite exciting – especially as I had never experienced that before, it’s also nice not to have to ask people to keep repeating themselves. These devices hugely benefit me at work, and I am able to hear my colleagues, the Boss and (most importantly) my patients extremely clearly. Our surgeries are busy and there is quite a lot of background noise – it’s possible to tweak these devices to lessen the background noise but without compromising on the voices, which is very beneficial. At home I mainly wear them for watching TV – and have gone from the television volume being up high, and the subtitles on, to a much lower volume without subtitles. Occasionally foreign accents can sometimes be a little hard to work out, but it is possible to adjust the television settings a little and this can make the words a little clearer. The devices are very comfortable to wear, I can’t feel them once they’re in place, and they don’t interfere with my glasses either, they are dark in colour so even if you need to wear your hair up (like I do for work) it just looks like a shadow behind your ear, they really aren’t very noticeable.
I certainly never felt pushed or pressured into trying these devices out. I can wear them as much or as little as I want depending on where I’m going or what I’m doing – a freedom I didn’t expect, or realize was possible! Now at the end of my trial I am very happy with my “new ears” and the whole experience has been an extremely positive one.

A music clinic testimonial – BD, Singer/Songwriter, Jul 2014

Since a young age I have been around loud music as my hobby and then eventually my profession, I started to notice ringing in my ears at the end of the day and this worried me.

I contacted London Hearing who I found on the internet and was seen the next day at 130 Harley Street.

Nick the Audiologist was very reassuring and after a hearing test which seemed very comprehensive I was told my hearing was normal but in all likeliness the loud music I hear day in, day out was taking its toll on the precious and delicate structure of the inner ear.

It was suggested that a custom made plug was made for me which allows me to hear but through an attenuating filter to protect my ear from over exposure of loud noise.

So effective are these plugs that they allow me to do my job but in the security of knowing I’m safe!

I work with and know so many musicians who don’t protect their hearing; I cannot recommend this product highly enough.

But more than this the customer service experience as a whole with London Hearing was phenomenal, I was put at ease from the moment I entered the practice.

Many thanks.