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Based in the heart of London, at 130 Harley St London hearing introduces the London Music Clinic.

If you are a musician, or work in or around loud music as part of your profession or hobby then we can offer the right advice regarding protecting your hearing.

The table below shows how dosage of high input sound can affect the hearing in even a short time.

Sound level (SPL) Maximum daily dosage
85 dB 8 hours
88 dB 4 hours
91 dB 2 hours

Damage to hearing is very often to do with dosage not the event –

If someone went to a loud concert once every so often it would be loud but the ear would have chance to recover because the dosage was infrequent.

On the other scale if you listen / play or are exposed to loud music or environments where the sound pressure exceeds 91dB daily for over 2 hours you are almost certainly causing irreparable harm, especially if the dose is regular.

There are some really useful sound level meters apps you can download on smartphone’s and this will help guide you understand your estimated dosage and risk.

Most of what we do at the London Music Clinic is filtered attenuation. This is where we create a custom made plug based on a cast of your ear and create a bespoke solution for you with a prescribed filter, this filter will still allow you to hear and enjoy music but at a safer level.


We work in 3 steps.

1) Discuss your listening habits and risk

2) Pure tone audiogram hearing test in soundproof booth

3) Look at solutions based on the above risk requirements

There are a wide range of custom made solutions available so please email or call for a discussion.

The whole service above including casts and hearing assessment is £170

Custom solutions for hearing protection