Hearing test and hearing aid advice £25 –

Premium digital aiding per ear £1500 - £1800*
Advanced digital aiding per ear £1000 - £1300*
Essential digital aiding per ear £500 - £750*

(* actual price dependent on manufacturer and style but within range shown) Definitions:

1. The Premium range will be the latest models available from our supplier list; this means the device will be to the highest level of specification and will have on board the latest features available – for clients wanting the best technology and have a lifestyle requirement to benefit from this level of technology then this is what will be suggested first.

2. The Advanced range will still be very rich in specification and performance but will not have some of the newer features seen in the premium range, for example an advanced hearing system may have been premium a year or two ago, making it a very capable and proven device but not the best available, this allows us however to pass on at an attractive price.

3. The Essential range of hearing systems will be more basic technology but what makes our industry interesting now is that even the entry level devices are very capable, suiting patients on a budget these devices will often suit someone who’s lifestyle isn’t as fast paced.

Whether your choice is Premium, Advanced or Essential your after care plan will be the same, we will still provide the same high level ongoing care for the lifetime of the device included in the price.

All of the above devices are presented in the entire range of styles (pic of ranges of styles from CI C – BTE)