After careful review of your hearing loss we will offer you suggestions on how we can make things better using hearing systems, that is if your hearing requires aiding.

You will probably find that you have choices, a selection of styles that are available, some people will like at this stage the smaller more cosmetic solutions whilst others may not, everyone is different.

You will also be offered a choice in performance level, a premium device will always be recommended first but for budget purposes all manufacturers have a range of choice like a mid-range performance device or even an entry level product, we can guide you into making the right choice based on your lifestyle and requirements.

If we feel that you need to seek more medical advice then we will create a report for you to pass onto your GP or ENT specialist explaining carefully the reason for referral, we are professionally obligated to do so.

Most importantly of all we don’t want you to decide then, take away some information and speak with your family if you feel that’s wise and you can tell us when the time is right to return, we will keep the records of our meeting on file in case you return at a later date. But also we can fit on the same day where applicable.