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Custom In Ear Monitors T1 (inc Free Hearing Test)

Custom In Ear Monitors T1 (inc Free Hearing Test)
The T1 from ACS represents the pinnacle of in-ear monitoring. Its three balanced armature drivers work in perfect symphony to create an incredible breadth of sound with amazing definition. A single treble driver provides the perfect highs to pick out the details in any composition while a combined mid-range and bass driver unit gives the benefits of separation with a single physical output channel.The mid-range driver gives perfect clarity where it's most needed, ensuring that this most active range can be delivered with the body and deifinition it deserves whilst keeping it clean and free from bleed. The bass driver creates smooth and balanced tones in perfect harmony with its companion drivers completing a full-bodied and unbiased reproduction that conveys incredible body and detail. The T1 IEM is supplied with Kevlarô reinforced cable as standard. Available in a variety of colours, this high performance cable reduces noise generated by motion-induced friction and is far stronger than standard cable to cope with the most demanding environmets. Please note silver and graphite cable finishes are now discontinued. Finished with the Neutrikô right-angled 3.5mm connector, the T1 cable configuration gives performance befitting our flagship IEM.
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