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How can hearing aids help

You will be able to:

Hear and understand speech better in many different situations, including the office, local pub or other social gatherings

Make life more enjoyable for you and people around you

Hear certain sounds, which you have not heard for many years e.g. the chirps of birds, rain or the tick of the clock.

Hear warning signs for example fire alarms or approaching cars

Make less costly mistakes in the work place ensuring better earning potentials

Improve communication in all your relationships

What style of hearing aids Suit you?

There is a huge range of hearing aid styles available now. New technology hearing aids are much less noticeable when worn and are more sophisticated allowing automatic adjustments to cope with changing environments.

Hearing aids have evolved rapidly over the last few years, old analogue hearing aids are now being replaced with digital signal processing hearing instruments, which can accurately replicate your individual hearing loss and allow more sophisticated noise management and signal analysis for improved clarity in varied situations.

We deal with BTE (behind the ear), ITE (In the ear), CIC (completely in the canal), open ear /receiver in the ear hearing aids and the newer improved styles of spectacle aids for those who wear their glasses all the time.

How can we at London Hearing help?

Using the latest technology our hearing aid consultants can accurately determine any hearing loss.

We realise your ears are unique and deserve a personalised approach. We take time to answer all your questions and familiarise you with every stage of the hearing test.

How much will it cost?

Hearing aid prices vary widely. Pricing depends on the style and technology level recommended for you. Your hearing aid consultant will base the recommendation taking into account your hearing loss type, cosmetic requirements, severity, anatomical features, dexterity and lifestyle needs.

London Hearing pricing for branded hearing aids is typically much lower than our competitors but we assure unsurpassed personal attention.

Unlike franchise retailers London Hearing offers a wider range of branded hearing aids allowing the hearing aid consultant to recommend a level of technology that will better suit your hearing loss and lifestyle needs.

London Hearing has a goal to make hear care more affordable, we have several different and flexible payment plans. We accept cheques, credit cards, debit cards, cash and also offer aftercare service and maintenance plans for your total peace of mind.

London Hearing provides Harley Street care with hearing aids at retail outlet prices. We are proud to be one of the only companies to provide transparent pricing whether it is at Harley Street or at one of our spoke outlets.

With reduced costs on advertising and relying more on recommendation London Hearing can pass on the benefits to you, hence lower priced hearing aids without the compromise on quality and aftercare services.

London Hearing provide a thirty day trial period, which gives you plenty of time to overcome the normal first time wearers acclimatisation period.

If the hearing aid style does not meet your needs, we will exchange it for a different model or refund you the whole amount less a small fee to cover professional fitting time.

Digital custom hearing aids are now available from as a little as 499.99.