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Importance of Hearing Protection

We live in an increasingly noisy world. There is an increasing prevalence of impaired hearing, it is estimated six million people in the U.K would benefit from a hearing aid as a result of permanent damage and the number is increasing all the time.

With increased noise in the work place and the use of personal stereos the average age at which hearing damage occurs is also lowering.

Noise induced Hearing loss occurs as a result of exposure time, the average noise intensity and your individual susceptibility to damage. Musicians, machine operators, DJ's and other hobbies including DIY, or pigeon shooting have high noise level exposure, which has a potential to cause permanent hearing loss.

Custom made hearing protectors offer more effective protection, better comfort without the loss of clarity that conventional protectors produce.

We specialise in custom hearing protection for all occupations and hobbies.

Custom ER25  Noise filter

Custom ER25 Noise filter

Some custom products we provide include:

  • Sonic Valves TM for shooters
  • ER series TM for musician's, DJs, vocalists, brass players
  • Biopact TM for drivers or motorcyclists
  • Sleepfit TM for people suffering from partners who snore or live in a noisy environment
  • DriverComsTM for clear communication in high noise level
  • In - Ear Monitors provide unbeatable clarity comfort and isolation for audio reproduction
  • Broadcasting moulds for enhancing clarity while on-air