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Spectacle Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids Style

As a result of increased demand for spectacle hearing aids, we have re-launched newer, improved more stylish designs with the confidence that we can deliver all maintenance and after care services by our resident specialist dispenser who is also a fully registered and qualified optometrist.

Air-Conduction Spectacle hearing aids

Air-Conduction Spectacle hearing aids.Air-Conduction Spectacle hearing aids

We have a range of different models, colours and styles please come in store for further details or to discuss suitability.

These new and improved bone conduction spectacle hearing aids are used for conductive hearing losses.

Bone-Conduction Spectacle hearing aids

Bone-Conduction Spectacle hearing aids.Bone-Conduction Spectacle hearing aids

If you want to trial spectacle hearing aids please phone or email for a consultation.