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Hearing aid fitting

How can we at London Hearing help?

Hearing Aid FittingUsing the latest technology our hearing aid consultants can accurately determine any hearing loss.

We realise your ears are unique and deserve a personalised approach. We take time to answer all your questions and familiarise you with every stage of the hearing test.

London Hearing use state of the art software and computer systems to ensure perfect fit.

For custom Hearing Aids your consultant will take open jaw impressions of your ears to ensure that normal jaw movements during eating or talking donít affect the hearing aid fitting.

These impressions are sent away for laser moulding such that each fit is perfect and unique to your ear.

After the first fit London Hearing will ensure a follow up visit within six weeks to do any adjustments as you acclimatise to the wearing of hearing aids.

All after care services and follow ups are included in the Hearing Aid purchase cost.