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Your Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can be categorized into three basic types: conductive hearing loss, sensory neural hearing loss and mixed type hearing loss.

Conductive hearing loss :

A type of hearing loss which results when there is a failure of sound waves reaching the inner ear through the normal air conduction channels of the outer and middle ear. The loss could be due to a simple blockage of the ear canal by wax or more complicated permanent damage to the ear drum as a result of repeated ear infections.

Sensory neural hearing loss:

A type of hearing loss which is caused by an interference with the inner ears ability to process sound normally. Sensory neural hearing loss is almost always permanent and caused by damage to the hair cells in the cochlea.

Presbyacusis is the name for age related hearing loss; it is usually caused by the loss of hair cells in the inner ear, but may also be the result of the deterioration of the nerves in the ear. Presbyacusis is the commonest cause of sensory neural hearing loss in the over fifty five age group

Mixed Type hearing loss

A mixed hearing loss is a combination of sensory neural and conductive hearing loss types at the same time.