Hearing Protection

The ER and PRO series hearing protection for Musicians Any custom made hearing protection is going to be far better suited to the individual and their needs, there is a wide range of filtering options available for the type of required protection, activity and exposure to loud noise.

These are the popular plugs we make, we also make a lot more… This is the gold standard in enjoyment of music, a cast is taken of the ear and we create a bespoke driver that creates a seal in the ear and allows you to perfectly monitor the signal you are listening to.

You will often see professional musicians on stage performing with custom IEM’s

The theory is that because the ear is sealed you monitor without extraneous sound for accuracy and precision in intelligibility.

Having the product fit your ear perfectly improves the frequency response as well as allowing you to monitor at safer levels.

Prices dependent on number of drivers (£250 - £700)