• When can I see you?

    Please call us to organize an appointment at your convenience, we are operational 5 days a week and can occasionally consider weekend requests.

  • I want a hearing aid that’s invisible?

    We need to assess your hearing before we can prescribe a hearing system; where possible we try to make each fitting as discreet as possible but will always offer you the best advice in your decisions.

  • How much does all this cost?

    To come in for a consultation and hearing test will cost £25, if you choose to trial a hearing system then the cost will depend on the model and quality of that product, you will probably be offered a choice. It’s very hard without meeting you but we won’t be beaten on price and you will find that we are as competitive as the national companies that you find on the high street but with a higher level of aftercare –

    We offer a full 30 day full money back guarantee – no quibble

    We also have some products that you can trial on the day of your initial consulation where applicable.

  • So how much does the after care cost?

    Nothing, it’s all upfront and included in the price for the lifetime of the device.

  • How long will the device last?

    A hearing aid that’s cared for and reviewed by us regularly will last for years, all hearing aids come with a warranty as standard which we pass on to you, anywhere between 5-10 years is the normal.

  • Are private hearing aids better than NHS hearing aids?

    Most of our audiology team have dual NHS qualifications and will tell you that when an NHS device is fitted correctly it will work well, commercially we have access to the latest technology that the NHS wont have and we undoubtedly have more choice in creating cosmetically appealing finishes. But remember this is also about the after care, when you want to come back we will get you back quickly – service is key.

  • Will I be able to hear normally when fitted to a hearing aid?

    A hearing aid is an “aid” to hearing, the inner ear is such a complex organ that to recreate the sense of perfect hearing is impossible and how do we know what normal is, as a sense hearing is subjective to everyone. What we will do is verify the fitting to be the best it can be, we will listen to you fully to refine the device for your needs going forward and make sure we achieve an agreed level of expectation.

  • How about batteries?

    We supply a year’s supply of batteries with every device, then on review we can keep a check on your stock, on average – most patients spend approximately £30 per year on batteries..

  • How long will all this take?

    Every patient will have an hour on the first meeting to cover everything required, if you decide to proceed to fitting then we will see you as soon as you want to afterwards, sometimes the same day – then we suggest a review appointment for 4 weeks afterwards. Most important of all we then schedule your 6 monthly reviews together, the after care plan.

  • Do I need to see a doctor about this?

    We always recommend speaking to your GP about your hearing; you may already have done so. We are obligated to refer to a medical professional if there is anything that shows up in our findings which require attention. We have links to the finest ENT surgeons in London and can also refer you onwards quickly with anything that needs attention. However most hearing losses occur naturally and a GP referral is not required to see us.

  • I knew someone who bought a hearing aid and it was a waste of money, why are you different?

    We won’t let the above happen, our industry is regulated very tightly now, if there are problems we crack them early on, certainly within the first month, when we meet patients who have had bad experiences with hearing aids we often hear that the service was not there after the “sale”

    Remember we want to see you every 6 months, that’s when we know we do a good job and all parties are happy.

  • Won’t I then have to keep buying new hearing aids as technology improves?

    We get asked this regularly, you will not be pressured in any way to update your hearing aids as soon as something new or better comes out, the truth is that all hearing aids now are good and the key is often in how they are programmed for you, we often have patients who have worn hearing aids for years who try new systems and tell us the difference is minimal. Everybody is different and the importance here at London hearing is trust, we will always give you the best advice.