Spectacle Hearing Aids

August 23rd, 2010

As a result of increased demand for spectacle hearing aids, we have re-launched newer, improved more stylish designs with the confidence that we can deliver all maintenance and after care services by our resident specialist dispenser who is also a fully registered and qualified optometrist.
Most Spectacle Frames can be modified to incorporate the Hearing Aids. the other advantages apart from cosmetic appearance is that these hearing aids can be detached due to a new click and fit system and attached to a different pair of spectacles IE you can transfer the hearing aids from your normal clear spectacles to your prescription sunglasses which makes them even more appealing as you do not have to purchase several hearing aids for different pairs of glasses.

the other advantage of this click and fit system is if you damage yor glasses the hearing aids can be detached and clicked on to a spare pair so you do not loose both your sight and hearing senses.

Most people with age wear glasses and the ability to use any modern frame so that it can be customised to attach your hearing aids is very exciting and London Hearing specialise in this product.

The process of getting the hearing aids customised to your own glasses takes approx three weeks as this is sent away to Germany after all measurements and hearing assessments are done.

spectacle hearing aids in the past were large and ugly but the fact that most new modern spectacles can be customised makes this a very exciting product.

to view images please visit our website www.londonhearing.co.uk

ER 15 custom made Musician Ear Plugs

June 14th, 2010

Custom Made Musician and DJ Ear Plugs

These Custom made Musician Ear plugs provide a flat attenuation across the frequency range.

Normal ear plugs provide a boost in the low frequencies and as a result sound is distorted.

Other types of custom Ear plugs provide greater attenuation in the high frequencies hence the patented ER Filters are a preffered product choise for Musicans and Dj’s

These ER Musician Earplugs come with three levels off attenuation

ER9, ER15 and ER25

The level of attenuation is depended on the type of music you play, Intensity of sound your, and exposed duration.

Every ones Ear Canals are different and simple off the shelf ear plugs can not produce a effective seal to dangerous noise levels.

Musicians and DJs are constantly exposed to dangerous levels of sound which can result in high frequency hearing damage giving symptoms such as tinnitus.

Tinnitus can become very difficult to manage and we advise good ear plugs with the appropriate attenuation level to minimize this risk.

In practice I constantly get Musicians coming in and saying ” Iam very good at what I do but my ears are not letting me continue” for this reason alone I cant stress how important hearing protection is.

In the past not many people inquired about this sort of products but now as a result of Increased awareness through the Internet, Media and experiences, I am finding more and moreĀ  Musicians are interested in minimizing damage to the ears and livelihood.

we recommend that you seek professional advise to find the appropriate custom ear plugs for yourself. You can contact London Hearing who specialise on these products. www.londonhearing.co.uk