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LondonHearing-icon01 Hearing aid styles

Where possible we offer choices on various styles of hearing systems to find the best cosmetic and acoustic solution for you.

LondonHearing-icon01Hearing Protection

Whether it's filtered custom earplugs for partying or high fidelity monitors, we have years of experience with the subject of hearing protection

LondonHearing-icon01Hearing Health

Having a routine hearing test should be something we all do, after all this is a precious sense for us to look after.

LondonHearing-icon01Find Us

Situated at 130 Street, W1 we are located in a calm and peaceful practice where you will feel comfortable and at ease.

Welcome to London Hearing

London hearing is an independent hearing practice based in the area of London well known for medical expertise, we are happy to see patients in our ground floor rooms at 130 Harley Street.

Our centre is based in a quiet practice where we have soundproof facilities to ensure our measures are carried out to the highest standards. Being independent we are committed to ensure we understand the hearing industry to the highest level and give unequivocal service and after care. We can also see patients at their home with our domiciliary service; some people find that this is more convenient for them. .